“Thank you, I received the samples over the weekend and they do work very well.   Again, thank you for the amazing service, I was not expecting a response at all when I first contacted you.  So I think your company has an excellent service model, and keep up the good work.”


“Thanks for your email.  Yes, I love the John Masters products and won't hesitate to order again or recommend them to others.  Has he ever thought about expanding into organic cosmetics?  I for one would be a steady customer. Kind regards,”


“this is to let you know that received the missing item today.  Thank you.

I also thank you for the pouch packed with samples of hair care products.
What a nice surprise it was!

All your products are wonderful and and enjoy using them everyday.”


“Thank you for the follow up courtesy check with the products I have received and used.  I'm very pleased with John Masters hair products - it produces what it claims to do and I love the fact that it's made with high quality natural ingrediants without the unnecessary sulfates. It is very refreshing to experience exceptional service from John Masters Organics, it completes and compliments your one of a kind products - money well spent all around - healthy benefit for myself and for the environment.
I really appreciate that you take the time in sending this email for feedback - your great customer service goes a long way!
Thank you!”


“Thanks for the update.  Actually received the order on Friday, March 26th/10. I love your products.  I first tried them a year ago.  Found your products in a store in Unionville, Ontario.  Unfortunately, it is a driving distance from my home and went esp. to Unionville about 6 months ago again to restock.  Then I thought of looking you up on the internet.   Glad I did because now I can restock whenever I like.  I have highly recommended your products to friends...they actually noticed when I was using the products how much healthier and bouncy my hair looked!  Can't wait now to try your skin product sample package too!
Yours sincerely,”


“Good Afternoon David – just wanted to say thank you for the two bottles of the lavender spray – very much appreciated and the customer service you have provided truly has been remarkable.
Thank you again”


“I love everything!  The products are amazing!


“So happy you brought back the Ylang Ylang soap.   Love it!”


“Everything is wonderful!”


“Yes I did receive my order the next day as you promised.  Thank you so much for getting that to me so quickly after the mix up.  I really appreciated that.

Thank-you so much for these additional gifts.  That is not necessary but very generous of you and I look forward to trying them.

I have just recently started using John Masters Organics skin care products and have so far absolutely loved everything I have tried.

Thanks again.  It feels so nice to put product on my body that is clean and natural.

All the best,”


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
You have just put a huge smile on my face! :-)


“Love the products for my curly hair, knowing that it consists of natural quality ingredients. I\'m intending on reordering today! Thank you for your follow up emails - great service which compliments your great products. I\'m always enjoy informing people about John Masters products and agree with the philosophy and lifestyle.


“Today come the parcel form you...John Master Organics...
I like to thank you very much to be so kind to me with the order
looking forward to buy some more when I do run out

Thank you very much
Have a good day..”


“The sea salt lavendar spray is amazing on my shoulder length, fine (but lots of it) hair! Wish I found it years earlier. My hair is tight curly and it relaxes it with beachy curls that are soft not crunchy (yuck) Appreciate the samples as well! Tried the hair reconstructor (so nice) but didn't try the gel yet .......More orders for sure to come from me! 


“Hi Melanie, I really appreciate you e-mailing me.  I'm loving the product, it's the first one I've ever tried in my life that doesn't irritate my allergies.  I just want to thank you and everyone at John Masters for putting together a product like this.”


“Hi There: Thank you for the courtesy follow up. I am enjoying your products very much.”


“Thanks so much for the excellent customer service.  Enjoy the rest of the week! “

Cheers Donna

I've been passing around your web-site to friends up here so hopefully you'll hear from them.”
Take care,


I just wanted to thank you for the amazing customer service--I received my package yesterday, i.e. the day after ordering. That's above and beyond the call of duty!”
Many thanks and best wishes.


“Hello, I have had such great results from all the products that I bought , that I am sure of remaining a loyal customer for life :P. I've already been talking about how great your skin care and hair care line-up is to friends and family, and also my work colleagues , mostly guys, whom are really interested into trying out some of the products that I have been using daily at work ( so they would stop using mine” :P ).


“Thank You very much :P . great service and great products. Can't wait to try out my new order . Have a good day !”


“Hi David – just wanted to send you a note to say how wonderful the product is –
Thanks again!”


“I just received notification from Paypal of the refund you so kindly accorded me.  I must say, that if everyone was this easy to deal with, shopping would be a whole new (Utopian) frontier.  I will sing the praises of your products and customer service to anyone who’ll listen!”

Thanks again,


“I received the products an hour before I left on my vacation and I did not have a chance to email you and thank you.

We appreciate everything and the products and amazing! ( and smell so yummy!!) 

I am excited to promote this product”


“Thank you. I am telling all my friends how fabulous Butter London polish is and will give the Artful Dodger to a friend as an incentive to buy the product.”


Thank you for your prompt response. I really appreciate the fact you honor our agreement and take action to correct the billing error right away. I enjoy doing business with you and I sincerely thank you for your support. I will try my best to promote JMO and hope to make it a successful line in our salon. Best regards”


“This was the first time I'd ordered from you, and I just want to take a minute to thank you very much for the extraordinarily excellent service!  The order arrived at my door less than 48 hours after I'd clicked 'Place Order', plus I received en email telling me when it was likely to be delivered and then another telling me it had.

If the products are as good as your service, well ... you shall have another repeat customer on your hands.

Thanks again,”


I'm very happy to learn you are a Canadian company!!  Now I've recently discovered Butter nail polish you will definitely be hearing from me again.
Thanks again!”
Wishing you a very successful Christmas season!


“Thank you for telling me directly about the sale, I’m very happy to hear from you!

It’s real sad that JMO isn’t that well-known yet in Canada.. all products are extremely good and it’s super famous in Japan, where I come from.

Thank you again for the notification, I’ll have some discussion with my purse and see what I can get this time” >:D hehe

Have a lovely evening,


I just want to start by saying that I got my order really fast so thank you so much! My order was very well packed and the quantity of samples was amazing.

As for my products, I really like the serum but I feel like the moisturizer is a little too heavy for summertime, so I will probably purchase it again around the colder months, October. 

Once again thank you for the order and I will be purchasing more GA products soon, I want to try the blemish gel and a mask!”
Thank you, 


I hope you're well. 

“The scalp brush arrived and it's divine! My scalp has never felt so fabulous.

Thank you for the samples!”

Kind regards,


“Thank you for your response. I tried the products again today and fortunately had no reaction this time. I’m very pleased with the shampoo and conditioner, love the look and feel of my hair. And very happy about all the free samples I received too. I think you made a regular customer out of me” 

Take care


“I would like to give you a formal recognition of excellence in customer service with my John Masters Organics online order #xxxxxx.
You took ownership of the order to prioritize importance and satisfaction.  I received the items well protected on a timely manner.  Attention to detail is appreciated with the samples you provided.
  Thank you Reggie for your dedication in excellent customer service.  For years I have been a customer with John Masters Organics online and will continue to be because of your great dedication.  
I will be happy to endorse you, please forward this email to head office.”

Kind regards,


“Thanks for your email. 

I’ve been really impressed with the product as well as the speed with which it was delivered. You can count on me buying a great deal more in the future. 

Very cool to reach out in this way, more folks should do it.” 

Best of luck,


My name is Allison M. and I am writing to say thank you.

My husband informed me that he had reached out to regarding skin care products and I got my surprises/treats earlier this week.

Thank you, I don’t have any other words - I am so appreciative of you helping him out (helping me out) and sending all of those samples for me (which I was even happier to share with some of my colleagues).

These are crazy times we are living in and all the small things really do mean so much.

I am so happy to continue to use a company that  helps individuals and makes changes/contributions on every level.

Thank you so much Roshme - from the bottoms of my heart!”

Warmest regards,


I hope you are doing well. My summer was great, definitely sad to see the summer come and go so fast. I hope you had a chance to enjoy it yourself!

Thanks for reaching out regarding Nail Berry.  I have had the chance to use it on a few clients, we haven't had any feed back on the wear of the polish however, as a professional I do love the rich colour, consistency, and application. I enjoy polishing with the brush and the colours paint on evenly with ease.” 

Thank you, 


“Thank your for your email. Sorry about the late response, I’ve been on holidays abroad. 

Yes, about that order! I really appreciate you just giving me the benefit of the doubt and trusting my input. The new order was exactly how I would have expected it. The jar of Shine On was well wrapped and when I opened it, not only did it feel like I was opening the jar for the first time, it was filled to the top.

As for the quality of the products, I love them! The products are simply so good, they smell incredible and it feels right using them because they’re organic and non toxic. I can tell that the company and you put a lot of love and care into what you make and put out. The samples you sent along with the order are generous and appreciated.  

My experience was surprising and refreshing. It feels like money well spent. The quality of products, the way my email was handled, the prompt response, the way you treated me, and the follow up really sets your company apart. Not only that, you have an incredible line of products that are easy to love. You’re really building a company with loyal and long term clients, of this you can be sure.

Based on my experience, you’re an authentic and wonderful company! I wish you and John Masters the best of luck in your endeavours.

And yes I’ll be ordering again.”

Kindest Regards,


“Omg Reggie!!! You just made my day. My month. My year!!! I am thrilled that I no longer need to be crushed and have access to this liquid gold. You have made this curly girl very happy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the follow-up :) I will be returning the new hair products I just bought and buying my all time fave again  
Have a great day!!!” 



“Just a heads up, as you probably know already but this product (Grown Alchemist) is absolutely amazing. I have tried a lot of different combo’s, products and brands and this one is miles ahead. I’ll be back to buy more of their products, thats for sure! 

Thanks for the recommendation, I am super impressed.”



“Thank you so much David for your speedy response and processing time! You both always provide the best customer service!”

Best Regards,


Thank you for responding to my email so quickly. I appreciate your honesty and your understanding of my situation, as well as your willingness to rectify the issue. I look forward to receiving the new formula very soon! 

Thank you so much for your help!


”Thank You very much. I never knew these products existed and will be getting a bunch more stuff and for the family as well. I find it great that you all have such awesome products out for consumers being all Organic. This is amazing for me specially in todays world when everything is some sort of chemical being leached into our bodies. Will be looking at other products which have few and all organic ingredients I am very excited to get the Sculpting Clay. Thank You big time for making such great quality products.”

You all are amazing and blessed!


“Thank you Reggie, I have all the products now and I absolutely love these products. My skin feels amazing! I will post to the company Facebook page. These products need to be more widely available in Canada!” 


“I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company.
I've been a long time buyer of John Masters Organic and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine. 
You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.”
Thank you and have a great day


“Just wanted to let you know that I received the package. More importantly, I wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround. The shipment was incredibly well put together and very well organized. I am thoroughly impressed and I look forward to placing many more orders with you in the future.” 


Thank you so much for adding a lovely John Masters candle to our last order. What a lovely gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel truly blessed to know you and am excited that your products were such a hit at Christmastime.”

With happy new year wishes,


We would like to say a big Thank you to you for all your help and support for the Lululemon event. It was a very successful event, and I am attaching a few pictures for you. We have also posted a few pictures on our social media. During the event, we were promoting the school, as well as Butter London ( the visuals were very helpful).”

Have a wonderful day.
Kind Regards.


Thank you so very much to both of you!!!!

It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working closely together on the sales/retail side of this business.

You did a fantastic PK class. One of the best I've seen in a long time and the stylist feedback was great. Thank you!

You have a really great team! Let's see if we can connect so we can meet as well.

thanks again.


“First of all thank you for the follow up, I LOVE John Masters! Honestly I have no negative feedback but see below some points:

- impressed with quick delivery
- love the samples
- not crazy about how the toner is a spray, would prefer bottle that I can use cotton pad
- love everything else and the scents of things in general

Keep doing what you're doing!”



“Thank you for the email. I'm enjoying the new vitamin C serum I recently bought.   I also really  appreciate the samples. I think it's a great way to try new products as well. In particular I liked the mandarin face cream sample, so will likely be purchasing that in the near future. I haven't had the opportunity to try the mineral sunscreen yet. I assume it's the same formula but just in different packaging? 

I also appreciate the fact that the packaging the products come in is not wasteful!”


“How thoughtful to write a personalized email! That's great customer service right there ;)

Honestly, I have recently started using John Masters Organics products and have been extremely pleased. From hair care, body care and skin care, I've completely switched over! They're quality products that I know are safe for me to use and I couldn't be happier!

Something I really do appreciate are the samples that are sent every time I purchase. Gives me a chance to try something new and discover products I may very well purchase in the future... And since I always order online, I can never experience then in-store prior to purchasing.

I'm also REALLY excited for the new product launch this month, especially when I saw the hairspray!! I'll be ordering that soon! It's a staple in hair care so I'm glad the company came up with one!

In reply to your email, I have nothing to say other than THANK YOU for providing such beautiful products! And thank you for reaching out!

If I ever do come up with any suggestions or questions, I'll be sure to let you know.”


You guys are just the best! We couldn't ask for a better supplier :D

Hope to see you soon,
Take care.


“Just wanted to let you know I received this order today!!!! That must be some kind of record for Canada post!  I can't thank you enough for sending along the sample products as requested....I have already passed a couple of them along to friends....I know they will enjoy them and hopefully place an order in due course.  I will certainly keep talking about how lovely your face products are.  Great customer service!”

Best wishes


“Got the products today. I’m thrilled. Thank-you so much for including the samples. I’ll be interested in trying some of the products for the face. I’ll let you know in time how the hair products affect my scalp and hair growth.”



“I am writing an email today to express my sincerest gratitude on your products. I have naturally chocolate brown hair but I professionally dye
it platinum blonde. My hair has been through countless torture to keep it blonde, beautiful and healthy. At the beginning of the year I decided it was time for a change and being an animal lover I knew I needed to go cruelty free.
My hair has never felt or looked better since using your products. I even got my Mom hooked!
I get compliments all the time for how healthy and shiny it looks and its all thanks to you.

  I wanted to personally thank you for changing my life. I use the Spearmint and Meadowsweet Shampoo, Peppermint Detangler, Blood Orange Body Wash and Body Milk. I also purchased the travel pack and those products were wonderful as well.
Thank you so much for creating an organic and also cruelty free product. You have a customer for life!”


I want to let you know that I love the nail lacquer which I've just purchased. I love that it's free of formaldehyde, toulene and DBP, and I really like how smoothly the lacquer goes on. The rectangular shape of the bottle makes it compact to store several side by side without wasted space.”

Thank you.


“This was the first time I'd ordered from you, and I just want to take a minute to thank you very much for the extraordinarily excellent service!  The order arrived at my door less than 48 hours after I'd clicked 'Place Order', plus I received en email telling me when it was likely to be delivered and then another telling me it had.

If the products are as good as your service, well ... you shall have another repeat customer on your hands.”

Thanks again.


Thank you for your prompt response. I really appreciate the fact you honor our agreement and take action to correct the billing error right away. I enjoy doing business with you and I sincerely thank you for your support. I will try my best to promote JMO and hope to make it a successful line in our salon. Best regards.


I am amazed. I just placed my order yesterday, and the shipping address happened to be at my place of work - which is a Canada Post Corporation in Port Coquitlam. On of the clerks just brought it to me now at 7:35 am. I am really impressed that it got here so quickly.”


“”...and you're Vegan!!!  I had a manicure and chose the very glittery gold one and it is awesome.  I am a convert !


“WOW!  Thank you again, your customer relations is superb!!  I have never had such great service and so prompt.  Terrific!!  I have forwarded your email to my girlfriends who were interested in purchasing Butter London.” 

Thanks for all your help,

E. Chen

“Just wanted to say that I've been using the Nail Foundation (both by itself and with other nail polishes) for like 6+ weeks now... wonderful stuff! I've been complimented on my nails when I wear it alone as a nude shade and my manicures last 1.5 weeks on average now! Props to the Formulation Department! Please forward this to whomever it may concern. Thanks!”


I appreciate that there are occasional mistakes made by the shippers you use, and that these are largely out of your control.

  Thank you for the refund and for sending the lacquer.  That makes me feel that you take the matter seriously and are sensitive to issues encountered by your customers.”


“Hi David, Just want to thank you again for such fast and amazing help, I truly appreciate it!! And so did our customer, see her comment on our facebook page.”

  Thanks David!!


Thank you so much for your generous donation. 


"Working with David at INTEGRAL SENSE BRANDS was a pleasure. David and his team know their market very well and are hardworking professionals that are passionate about what they do. David has amazing interpersonal skills, is well spoken and organized and handles all his accounts with integrity. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.”


“Hello.  I received my order on Friday (two days after I placed it - impressive), and what can I say?  How about - WOOHOO!  I had stopped wearing nail polish altogether, since everything I tried turned my nails an AWFUL yellow.  My doctor said it was damage from the dyes in the polish, so I had resigned myself to giving it up for good.  Earlier this week, however, I read an article which recommended 3 free lacquers, so I thought I'd give it one last hurrah; I was nervous about spending the $60, but I tell you now, it was worth every penny!!  No more yellow nails!  I will never go back, and I will share your site with everyone I know.”  THANKS!