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GQ: 10 Grooming Tips - Featuring Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay

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1. Lighten Up Your Moisturizer.

2. Never Forget SPF.

3. Exfoliate Like It’s Your Job.

4. Turn Up Your Sweat Protection.

5. Trim Away Winter.

6. Swap Out Moisture-Rich Washes.

7. The Same Goes For Conditioners.

8. Turn Up the Heat.

9. Pick Up a Rain-Resistant Pomade. With all this talk of better weather, it’s easy to forget that spring isn’t all sunny days. In fact, there’s probably a good bit of rain ahead. So, to keep your style from getting cramped every time you get trapped in a deluge, go ahead and give something like Triumph and Disaster’s Coltrane Clay a shot. Made with Brazil wax, it’s the waterproofing your look needs to make it through April showers.

10. Invest in a New Scent. 


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